Not Good Enough

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The Church service had been awesome and Winifred was glad to have gone to Church, although she’d considered not going that morning when it had been threatening to rain. She said so to Comfort -friend and roommate, as she unlocked the door to the self-contained apartment they shared. Comfort’s reply was a short laugh and an ‘I told you so’ look.

“Whew! I am so tired.” Comfort said as she collapsed on the bed, shoes and all.

“I can imagine. You were standing all day.”

Comfort served as an Usher and Winifred were in the choir.

“Comfort did Bro. C finally get a chance to talk with you after service?” Winifred asked, pulling her shoes.

Comfort laughed and shook her head. “I ran away oh.”


“See, me I cannot marry a poor man oh.”

Winifred laughed heartily as she removed her jewelry, placing them carefully on the table.

You de laugh? Like seriously! I can’t deal. I’ve suffered too much in my life to come and willing enter into more suffering with my two eyes open.”

“Yeah, you always say so but give this Bro. C a chance. So his only crime now is that he is poor?”

“Well, that and his severely ‘igbotic’ ensemble. What’s that his full name again?”

“Chukwubuikendum!” Winifred supplied, laughing again.

“Imagine.” Comfort propped the pillow behind her into a more comfortable position. “How can I be Mrs. Chukwu…bu…ki? I can’t even pronounce the name. How can I be Mrs. That?”

“OK, Comfort. What is your definition of poor? The guy is hard working and has a job.”

“What good is his job if it can’t buy him a car?”

“Oh! Is that the most important thing you need in a marriage?”

“One of, yes. And don’t look at me like that. I can’t be jumping bikes as a single and still be doing that as a married woman.”

“Don’t you think of being wealthy, yourself?”

“Leave that matter, please. Wini, I’m hungry; what are we eating?”

“I’m hungry too, but wait. What about Eddie…” Winifred dragged the name and winked at her friend. “Have you given him a reply yet?”

“Eddie? With the body odor? How?” Comfort asked, incredulously.

“What do you mean, how? You told him you’d pray about it.”

“No need, my sister. I already know that God wouldn’t want me to be with someone who stinks to the highest heavens.”

“Eddie doesn’t stink. Why would you say something like that? You should have told him straight up that you can’t be in a relationship with him. Why are you stringing him along? Asking him to drop you off in his car whenever you need a driver? That’s not fair. The guy is thinking you’re seriously considering his proposal.”

“That’s his business though. Truth is, I don’t know how to tell him. I’m not looking to make more enemies. Remi still isn’t talking to me, you know.”

Despite her being irked at Comfort, Winifred burst out laughing. “And it serves you right. How could you have told him that you don’t want to marry him because it would be an unequal yoke?”

A wide smile broke out on Comfort’s face, “Of course it would have. I can’t forget how shocked he looked when I told him that by ‘unequally yoked’, I meant that he is too short, stocky and a little on the ugly side. He should look for someone like himself. Abeg, abeg…”

“The shock or the hurt?”

Na the guy sabi, abeg. I can’t shout. Neither can I give birth to dwarfs.”

“Comfort oh… abeg no kill me with laugh eh…

“But it’s the truth.”

“See, these guys that you are dissing like this are also children of God. God made them in His own image and He loves them. Here you are, treating them like dirt. If you don’t like them, jejely let them go. No reason to string them along. You may be driving away good men that would make you happy in the long run. Some of these things you are complaining about can be worked on. Take the body odor for example. You can help him…”

“Help him what? Am I his mother? And girl, sometimes body odor can be permanent oh, so don’t just risk it. Besides, don’t I have a right to decide what I want and what I don’t? Shouldn’t I have expectations?”

“Of course, you do and you should but it won’t do you any good if they are frivolous, unnecessarily materialistic and unrealistic.”

Comfort got up from the bed and walked to the table fridge to get a cold drink. She stopped at the mirror and twirled, admiring her reflection. She was beautiful; dark in complexion, slim with wide hips tapering into straight long legs, a small oval face and perfectly pointed nose.

“See Wini, you don’t know what it’s like to be me; the pressure is enormous. I can’t be all of this and get to ‘settle’. No. So are we cooking or are we going out?”

Winifred swallowed and closed her eyes for a few seconds. She knew that Comfort believed that she was the very definition of beauty and that everyone else was beneath her. She wanted to give back a befitting retort but bit her lower lip down, swallowing her words.

“Let’s cook.”


9 months later…

Comfort looked up at the clock. It was nine pm and Winifred still wasn’t back home. Her phone wasn’t connecting and she hadn’t replied any of her text messages. It was a Saturday evening and this was very unlike her. She was already in bed thirty minutes later when Winifred knocked.

“Wini, where have you been? You got me worried.” Comfort said as she pulled the door open.

“I’m sorry dear. The traffic was really bad.”

“Why is your phone off? Why didn’t you reply to my messages?”

“It went off after the movie and we couldn’t get anywhere to charge it.”

“Who’s we?”

“Oh… I’m sorry I didn’t mention it before. I didn’t want to offend you.”

“Offend me?”

“Yeah. I went out with Ike.” At Comfort’s blank stare, Winifred added, “Chukwubuikendum.”

“Why would that offend me?”

“Well, because I know he wanted something serious with you before now.”

“Oh, not at all. Good luck with your igbotic guy.” Comfort replied, laughing.

“Have you seen him recently?” asked Winifred.

“No but I wasn’t looking for him though. Why?”

“He will be here tomorrow morning to take us to Church, you’ll see why.”

“Take us to Church in what? His keke?” Comfort laughed heartily at her own joke.

“You’ll see.” Was Winifred’s short reply.

The next morning, Ike was at their door just on time. Winifred stood back and let Comfort open the door. Comfort’s gasp was audible. Ike stood at the door wearing a blue crested designer, long sleeved shirt. It was checkered at the cuffs, collar and elbow patches. He paired it with grey chinos and black suede shoes. He had grown his hair and was sporting a tidy beard. His perfume wafted into the room distinctly.

“Hi. Comfort. Winifred.” His accent was still there though.

“Good morning Bro. C.”

“So are we ready?”



“Which is it?” Ike asked, smiling.

“Well, you just go out first Bro. C. We need to like to lock up… windows and stuff.” Comfort said.

“I’ll be waiting in the car.”

“Car?” Comfort turned to ask Winifred as soon as Ike was out of earshot.

“Yeah. He just got a brand new Mercedes E-Class.”

“How? What changed?”

“He got a job a while ago in a multinational oil company.”

“Ehn? How come I didn’t notice?”

“He’s been out of the country on different pieces of training. He got back about a month ago and…”

“And what now?”

“He has been asking me to be his wife,” Winifred said quietly.

“Just like that? And you didn’t mention it?”

“I’m sorry. We got talking after you rejected him… way before he got this job. Then he started talking about marrying me. I didn’t even take him seriously at first. I hope you aren’t angry?”

“Angry?” Comfort forced a small laugh and waved her hand. “Don’t be ridiculous. Of course not. So, is he rich?”

“Well, I guess so. What does it matter? Let’s go to Church.”

A year later, Winifred and Ike wedded in a small ceremony. Winifred had asked Comfort to be her maid of honor but she declined. She watched the couple smile deeply into each other’s eyes and couldn’t help but wonder what could have been. In the last one year, her suitors had reduced to nil. Apparently, word had gotten out about the disparaging manner she treated her suitors. As the couple kissed, she felt something wet on her cheeks; only then did she realize that she was crying.


I hope you were blessed. The story is self-explanatory – I think. But to summarize:

  1. Stop looking for petty fault outrightly
  2. Some things we out rightly tell off, can change or be worked on.
  3. Don’t string him/her along because of what you can get from him/her.
  4. He/she is also a child of God! Easy on the dissing.
  5. Like Winifred said, it’s okay to have expectations but it won’t do you any good if
    they are frivolous, unnecessarily materialistic and unrealistic.

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In His love,



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  1. Avatar Unknown October 23, 2015 at 11:58 pm

    Nice one Doc….I am indeed blessed.

  2. Avatar IKWO ASUQUO October 30, 2015 at 7:48 am

    A wonderful story indeed,Thank God you are back.

  3. Avatar Admin November 6, 2015 at 6:19 am

    this is a mind blowing story. I wish girls will take GOD FEARING as the first quality to look for in a man then every other things will follow eventually. thanks ma'am. Permission to share on facebook??


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