Lara’s Man (Part 2)

Contd from Part 1… 
been on her feet all day. The birthday party was in full swing and a resounding
success. All the invited VIP guests were present to grace the occasion. A
popular Yoruba musician was on the mic all day, much to the delight of the
guests who danced and danced to their hearts’ content.
where Lara stood at the rear, she watched Aunty Caro on the dance floor with
her husband. She superbly wiggled and jiggled to the music. Since her arrival,
she’d successfully managed to avoid her aunt but she wondered how long her luck
would hold out. Moving her body to the rhythm of the music, she made her way to
her sister’s table where she sat with her husband and her three kids. Her
parents, aunties and uncles were on the tables flanking theirs’.

was Nike’s elder with three years and at 31, Nike had completed her family and
was living the ‘accomplished-mother-life’. When Nike announced that she was
getting married at 25, family and friends had tried to advise her to wait for
Lara to get married first. At that time Lara had just met a handsome banker,
Timi who was ready to take their friendship to the ‘next level’. Some
well-meaning folks even advocated for a double wedding but Lara was not to be
pushed. She insisted that she hadn’t received a go-ahead from God concerning
Timi. Despite the taunting, jeers and the ‘you-will-grow-old-alone’ comments,
she stood her ground. She wasn’t even unhappy or sad that Nike was getting
married. She had always firmly believed that everyone’s time was different.
Today, Nike was happily married and Timi was also married. No, Timi didn’t get
married after they parted ways. They in fact parted ways because she found out
that Timi was already married.
Lara!” her nephews squealed in delight when she got to their table.
hugged them and kissed their baby sister sleeping on their Dad’s chest. She sat
on one of the empty seats and looked around appreciatively.
is Akin?” she asked.
somewhere, I guess. Who knows?” Nike replied, laughing. There was light
laughter around the table. They watched, pointed and made comments about the
people on the dance floor. The song came to an end and the crowd shouted and
cheered, asking for more.
Caro left the dance floor to her seat, fanning herself with the elegant hand
fan she held. Everyone on her table cheered her on appreciatively. Lara saw her
mother beckon from that table and she went to meet her. She guessed her mother wanted
to introduce her to another young man and it didn’t help that Aunty Caro was
sitting beside her.
Chief Bamikefa’s son that just came in. Have you met him?”
glanced at the entrance and saw an obese man, waddling into the compound.
Dressed in traditional lace attire and decked with beads, he was surrounded by
aides. She rolled her eyes and looked away. Here it comes, she thought.
I should introduce you.”
mum?” Lara looked at her mother in amazement.
nah.” Aunty Caro put in. “if you would not go to the mountain, we would bring
the mountain to you.”
don’t know how that applies to me, Aunty.”
started, “Lara, you are my favourite niece.” Lara frowned, Aunty Caro had said the
same thing to Nike months ago. “So, let me just tell you. You may never find
anybody to marry you oh…”
mother placed one hand on Caro’s, putting pressure in a bid to get her to calm
Fi mi le. She needs to hear this. As she
is perambulating and accumulating wealth. Will she find a man that is richer
than she is? And you know no man wants to marry any self-made girl. It’s best
that we tell her. Did she bring a date now for this party? Does she have a man
Caro, I am born again. I’ve said this severally. I will not get involved in…”
involved in what? Nkan dada wo ni didu ro
e da
? Remember that your biological clock is ticking oh.” What good has your waiting done?
turned to her mother. “Maami, is this why you called me?”
E se ma.” Lara got to her feet and
walked away angrily. Thank you ma.
+          +          +          +
wanted to go somewhere and just scream. She was tired of hearing the sick lies.
If any man felt intimidated by her wealth, then he was going to be intimidated
all his life. She had a few friends whose husbands were plagued with
inferiority complex and she didn’t want that for herself.
wasn’t paying attention and she barged hard into someone coming from the
opposite direction.
so sorry.” She looked up. “TK?”
Are you following me now?” she asked jokingly.
laughed. “I wish. What are you doing here?”
should be asking you. This is my house.”
Dosunmu. I should have guessed.” He paused and frowned slightly. “You are still
Dosunmu, right?”
I checked yesterday. No ring.”
did.” He smiled at her and those melt-your-heart dimples appeared on both
cheeks. He wasn’t dressed for the party. He was wearing a black fitted,
designer’s polo, and snug blue jeans with black loafers. Lara smiled back and
looked away self-consciously, all her anger gone.
why aren’t you dressed for the party?”
came to check on my crew. I do that from time to time.”
own a media house. We are covering the party.”
House is yours??!”
sit please. I was on my way out but…”
let me keep you please.”
I would rather be here. Or do you have someone you are rushing back to?”
no. We can sit and chat.”
led him to an empty table where they sat and talked at length. Lara soon
realized that TK was easy to talk with. He had a great sense of humour and
spoke intelligently. From experience, she liked to throw in her faith into
discussions as early as possible. She believed there was no use starting anything
if the guy wasn’t like minded.
enjoyed talking with her. It seemed like they were old friends and the feeling
was new and refreshing. He liked the way she talked, laughed, gesticulated and
even looked at him. At 36, he wasn’t married because he was still waiting for
the ‘right woman’. He had had women throw themselves at him in and out of the Church
but he kept himself, waiting. ‘When I meet her, I would know’. He always said.
Their discussion went from work to politics, family and Church. As TK talked,
he constantly mentioned God. Lara braced up and asked him outright if he was
born again, he replied in the affirmative.
Lara. Why aren’t you married?” TK asked suddenly.
shrugged. “Haven’t met the right person. You?”
smiled and looked at her, in surprise. She wondered why he was staring at her that
way. “TK, you are staring.”
are you staring?”
is amazing. That’s what I say too.”
sobered up and gave her an intense look. “I’m happy you haven’t met the right
laughed as she fidgeted with the table cloth. “Now, I can’t say I’m happy about
that too. It depends on your reason though.”
You will know soon enough. I plan on sticking around. Have lunch with me,
Really busy at noon.”
persisted. “Dinner then?”
can do dinner.”
That’s fast.”
don’t see why not. I know what I want and I don’t see any reason why I
shouldn’t pursue.”
laughed and looked everywhere but at TK. She unexpectedly caught Aunty Caro’s
eyes as she walked past. She gave Lara a big smile and a thumbs up. Lara
scowled and looked away. TK saw the exchange and asked, “Who is that?”
don’t like her?”
love her but I can’t say I like her.”

me, you don’t want to know.”
…to be continued…
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