Lara’s Man (Part 3) – Finally!

…the Concluding Part of Lara’s man…

months later…
knew he was in love. All his life, he’d been in only two serious relationships and
both breakups were mutual. He knew what he wanted in a woman. Beyond the
physical appeal, he wanted someone he could call a friend, whom he could grow
old with and rush home every day to be with. Without a doubt, he knew he could
find all that and more in Lara. He couldn’t believe that she was still single.
She was exquisitely beautiful and even though she was always trying to lose
weight, he loved her curves. He’d never liked the skinny ones. When the time
came, he wanted to have something to hold. He realized where his thoughts were
going and quickly called himself back to order.

was very smart and intelligent. She could literally pick your brain in a
discussion. TK liked the fact that she was hard working, had a job and was well
to do. He wasn’t one that encouraged women to sit idle and to further clinch
it, she was born again and loved the Lord. She was a breath of fresh air. She sounded
too good to be true but here she was, good and true. From the time when he gave
his life to Christ in the University, he vowed to stop all his philandering
ways and wait until he said his marriage vows to have sex with his wife. By
God’s grace, he’d kept his vow.
needed to see Lara. These days, she was all that mattered. Her affluence didn’t
scare him off at all. In fact, it endeared her to him because he knew she got to
where she was presently through her hard work and diligence. He too had
struggled to get to where he was today and he was grateful to God. TK turned in
his swivel chair and picked his phone. He needed to speak with her. He wanted to
hear her voice.
was in a meeting when her phone vibrated. TK. She absently put one hand on her
chest, trying to calm her racing heart. She smiled and sent him a text. In a meeting, please send a text.
less than a minute, her phone vibrated. Yeah,
you work too hard. I want to hear your voice. Are you ok?
You? She replied.
I’m good. I miss you. I
want to see you. I want to be with you.
looked around and saw one or two persons staring at her curiously as she
fiddled with her phone, smiling. She was supposed to be chairing the meeting.
She quickly put on a serious face and replied. I’m chairing this meeting. Let me call you in a bit please.
Sure. Waiting.
sighed and tried to focus on the meeting but it was very difficult to. TK had
literally turned her life upside down in a good way. She used to pride herself
in being focused, no nonsense and disciplined. Now she was all mushy. She woke
up to his text messages, slept after they’d talked on phone and they communicated
all day. She’d known him for only six months but she couldn’t deny what her
heart was saying- she was in love with him. She didn’t even think it was
possible. She didn’t want her heart broken and as such had tried to go gently
initially but TK would have none of that. There were so many things she loved
about TK but she especially loved his confidence, humility and his deep,
scriptural insight.
last week, Lara had found her way to her Pastor’s wife to discuss TK. She
needed godly counsel. Pastor Ngozi had listened intently to her and asked only
two questions. Do you love him? What is God saying? She loved TK so much and it
scared her. She was still praying about it but she had peace in her heart about
him. She confided her fears in Pastor Ngozi. She was afraid that TK would leave
if he knew her monetary worth. She was afraid that she was going too fast. She
was afraid that he would break her heart. She was afraid that…
Pastor Ngozi had cut in. “Love is a risk. It’s like climbing a cliff and
jumping down, hoping that he would catch you. And he will. He will because he
loves you. This money thing keeps coming to your mind because of what people
have been drumming into your head. You need to relax. If he knew your monetary
worth now, you will be wondering if he was after your money. Relax. What makes
you think he has an inferiority complex? Doesn’t sound like the man you have
told me about. Ok, tell you what, why don’t you talk things over with him?”
had argued that she couldn’t. She didn’t want to jump the gun. But Pastor Ngozi
had been insistent. “You have known him for six months and he is all you think
about. You need to know what exactly you are doing. Make your definitions.”
jerked. She didn’t know they’d been talking to her. She shook her head and
sighed. She apologized and threw herself into the meeting afresh barring all
thoughts about TK.
+          +          +
was a Saturday night and Lara was excited as she dressed up for her dinner with
TK. He’d refused to say where he was taking her and she didn’t want to be
overdressed or underdressed either. All he’d revealed was that he was going to pick
her up. She donned a long, black evening gown with a lace bodice and three
quarter sleeves.
5pm, her doorbell rang. She opened the door expecting to see TK, but it was a
young man in a chauffeur’s garb.
evening ma’am.”
to take you to Mr. Koleosho.”
looked beyond him to the street where a limousine was parked. “You are?”
a minute, please.” She closed the door and went into the house to call TK. She
had heard way too many abduction stories and she didn’t want to become a victim.
picked after the first ring. “Hey, are you on your way?”
Is this limo for real?”
it is”
dropped the phone, quickly dabbed perfume behind her ears, on her neck and
wrists and left the house.
driver drove expertly from Maryland towards the 3rd mainland bridge.
Traffic was light and after a while, she was able to tell that they were on the
way to Ajah. She’d been to TK’s house in Surulere severally. Why was he
bringing her here? She wondered.
limo came to a stop in front of a beautiful duplex in Victoria Garden City. The
chauffeur was out in a jiffy and rushed to open the car door for her. When she
alighted, he walked ahead of her to the house. The door was opened by TK. He
spoke to the chauffeur and dismissed him. Then he gave Lara his full
attention.  For one full minute, he just
looked at her. Lara felt uncomfortable under his perusal and jabbed at him
whose house is this? What are we doing here?”
things first. Let’s sit.” He led her to the patio where a table for two was
set. He pulled out a chair for her and sat down opposite her. “Welcome to my
what do you mean your house? You live
in Surulere.”
That’s my house too. I bought this one a while ago. This is where I want to
begin a new life with my wife.”
You said you bought the house?”
laughed in disbelief and looked around. All this while, she had been afraid
that her wealth would scare TK off but he seemed to be immensely wealthy too.
are you laughing?”
me.” She bent her head and her shoulders shook as she laughed silently. “So you
are rich?”
see, that’s how a billionaire acts oh. He never even thinks he is rich. Stop.
Are you a billionaire?”
was TK’s turn to laugh loudly. “What? No. At least, not yet. Does my wealth
scare you off?”
me off? I’ve been thinking you would bolt any minute because I have a few
possessions.” Lara blurted.
say men don’t like rich women.”
this man does. Sorry this man likes this amazing, rich woman. Besides, it wouldn’t
have mattered to me if you were not as affluent. You?”
what?” Lara asked.
know how my question is going to sound, so please forgive me in advance. Would
it have mattered to you if I didn’t ‘have
a few possessions’
? ”
absolutely not. I’m not that kind of person and I hate it when people think
wealth is all that matters to women. Not this woman. If you were just an
average guy, I would look beyond all of that and like you for who you are, not
what you have per se.”
smiled broadly and leaned forward in his seat, “So, you are liking me, huh?”
would have blushed if she was white. Suddenly, she remembered Pastor Ngozi’s
advice. Perhaps now would be a good time to bring up the issues they’d
We need to talk.” She started.
that serious tone, sound likes you are breaking up with me when we haven’t even
started yet.”
up with you? Are we in a relationship TK?”
You think I bring women to my house every Saturday evening? You are the first
and I’m hoping you will be the last. ”
are you saying?”
simple. I love you Lara. I know God kept and preserved you for me. Yes, it may look
like it’s too soon to tell but I know what I want. You. Forever.”
pinched herself underneath the table and felt it. This was real. TK was in love
with her – Lara Dosunmu. He loved her for who she was. Heck, he was even richer
than she was. Born again. Good looking. God sanctioned. She saw the love he
felt for her in his eyes. She reached across the table and took his hands in
hers’. She tasted her salty tears before she even knew she was crying. This
here was God, right on time. Never late. Perfecting all that concerned her.
leaned over and wiped her tears gently.
you know I’m 34 right?”
are not worried that my biological clock may stop ticking soon?”
that I…”
just say you love me. That’s all I want to hear.”
love you ’Tofunmi. I do.”
+          +          +
got married 6 months later in a small but lavish wedding ceremony where all their
friends and family were present, including Aunty Caro.
there. I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.
a quick word, this story could have played out in diverse ways.
could have been just your average kind of guy. Hard working, average pay etc.
and not as affluent as Lara. If that is your ‘TK’ and you have God’s backing,
marry him!
2.      Tofunmi
could have been between jobs, no car etc. Yes, he’s not rich now but he is
hustling, looking for jobs, doing odd/unpopular (but legal and right pls)
things, sowing now in order to reap in the future… that right there is what I
call potential! Marry that one. See beyond what he is now, marry the guy!!
could have been just as affluent as Lara. No more, no less.
point here is, ladies please be who you are, who God has blessed. If a man
loves you, he will not be intimidated by your possessions. He will be confident
enough to approach you and talk to you. The truth is, you will definitely get
bigger and better. How is he going to handle it then?
scriptures say… A man’s life doesn’t
consist of the abundance of things he possesses.
Do not judge a man by his possessions!! Now, this isn’t to
encourage laziness or mediocrity in our brothers. Some say they have potential
and do nothing with it, sitting at home and lazing around… don’t marry that
one! He is in it for the money. LOL!
to the men, there is no law that says single ladies should not be affluent or
buy whatever it is they can afford. Don’t make generalizations like, ‘all rich
people are proud’. So not true. Be confident. Package yourself well and speak
with her. Not all ladies are looking for ‘rich’ men. Be who you are. Be
confident, hardworking and more, she will listen to you.
Mr. Right won’t always arrive with limousines… (Mine didn’t…) but we will get
bless y’all.

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  1. Avatar EDIM ETIM September 30, 2014 at 11:13 am

    Okay! Onors Darl! Well said. But this also is important to note, she knew he was not born again back in school and yet she was patient to find out his present stand. Now I think thats where I have fumbled, I'm like this guy he was this and that, no no no abeg I am not ready for all that. Not caring to know if God had changed him along the way. May God help us

    1. Avatar Onose Adeleye Inno October 1, 2014 at 9:15 pm

      Exactly Dims! We should learn not to judge. Ask outright if he is born again, pray about him too. God is faithful. He will direct. Thanks babes.

  2. Avatar ms cookie October 1, 2014 at 12:01 am

    What a beautiful story I love how it ended and also gives me something to think about

  3. Avatar Anonymous October 1, 2014 at 8:56 am

    Ok I left my book to read this, amazing, & mama thanks for the Ad here & there. God's blessings.

  4. Avatar Nduaguibe Emmanuel October 8, 2014 at 8:06 am

    You're a blessing Ma,
    Your stories are Getting better each day.


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